The 52 SUPER SERIES is globally recognised as the world’s leading grand-prix monohull racing circuit. As one of the leading pioneers promoting and embracing sustainable sailing, the 52 SUPER SERIES has set out strategies and targets in order to ensure we enhance and improve our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of regattas year on year.  

Our Operational Impact assessment is impressive (From 2016-2021):

  • Litres of Purified Water Consumed – 84,805 Litres
  • Number of Plastic Water Bottles substituted and so not utilised – 127,332 Bottles
  • Waste Diverted from Landfill – 56.32%
  • Kilograms of Trash Collected at Beach Clean Ups – 963.7 KG
  • Amount of People Fed & Kilograms of Food Leftovers Collected – 1,118 People Fed & 687,55 KGs collected

Together with our different partners and constantly striving to extend our reach and our positive influence we believe that together we can encourage and educate more and more people to make positive, climate conscious decisions. Added together this can and will have a positive effect.

As of 2022, the 52 SUPER SERIES has broadened our horizons and sought to share our messages with a wider audience outside of sailing with new sustainability partner Kick Out Plastic. This new partnership will allow the circuit to work with new audiences and help promote positive changes, and increase awareness about the real need to make sustainable choices. With leading ambassadors from different sports sectors, Kick Out Plastic helps us unite, aiming for a common goal that is “sport has the power to change the world.”

Since the 2020 season, we have partnered with Bluewater and Ecoworks Marine to #ProtectOurPlayground.

Bluewater, a world leader in residential and commercial water purification, has really helped in our efforts in the battle against single-use plastic in a very tangible and practical way. They provide drinking water refill points for the 52 SUPER SERIES teams, staff and guests and the use of the Bluewater water refill points are now absolutely first and only choice for all on site.

We have teamed up with Ecoworks Marine to supply the teams and the organisation with their “Preserve the Living Seas” range of eco-friendly and MARPOL (MARine POLlution) compliant boat cleaning products.