24th of January, 2014

Azzurra wins the battle, Quantum Racing wins the war

With four points clear to win overall, Quantum Racing need to just have a safe, average performance in the final race to take the first stop in the 2014 52SuperSeries. With winds topping 20-25 knots, they came off in the first leg of the 5-leg course in the lead, but ceded this to Rán Racing at the bottom of the first downwind leg.

The reigning World Champion enjoyed this lead for a while, until on the final beat to the finish the Azzurra team found a shift and a speed gear to not only catch Rán Racing, but then push them off the left side of the course and lead them into their second win of the series, and a 3rd place overall finish.

US 52 SUPER SERIES at Quantum Key West

Standings after ten of ten scheduled races:

  1. Quantum Racing (USA) Doug DeVos (USA)1,1,1,6,3,4,1,2,1,3 Total 23pts
  2. Rán Racing (SWE), Niklas Zennström (SWE) 2,2,3,4,1,2,4,1,5,2 Total 26
  3. Azzurra (ITA), Guillermo Parada (ARG) 3,3,2,2,4,1,3,6,4,1 Total 29
  4. Interlodge (USA), Austin Fragomen (USA) 4,5,6,1,2,3,2,3,3,4 Total 33
  5. Sled (USA), Takashi Okura (USA 5,4,5,5,6,5,6,4,2,5 Total 46
  6. Hooligan (USA), Gunther Buerman (USA) 6,6,4,3,5,6,5,5,6,6 Total 53‏

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