Back to reality for Quantum, the dream continues for Vayu.

For regatta leaders Quantum Racing powered by American Magic today yielded a dose of ‘back to reality’ as they dropped to their worst score yet at the XS 52 SUPER SERIES Newport RI Trophy regatta, finishing eighth in the ten boat fleet, struggling to claw back places. But it proved to be just a temporary reminder to them of the strength and depth of this TP52 fleet racing off Newport RI for the first time ever. There are no easy passes.

Quantum bounced straight back to take second position behind Tony Langley’s Gladiator on the second contest of the day to ensure they carry a lead of three points into the final weekend, Friday being given over to the New York Yacht Club’s Annual Regatta’s Around the Island Race.

But while Doug DeVos’ US team, which represents the host club, are looking good for a podium finish at leas, just when it seemed like the 2023 champions and Rolex TP52 World Champions Platoon Aviation seemed to be getting the measure of their new boat, not only finishing third in the first race moving up to third overall and notably outsailing the regatta leaders on the first beat, the German flagged boat hit something during the second race.

They had to depower the boat immediately and head back to the Safeharbor Newport Shipyard where the boat was lifted to reveal a very badly damaged rudder blade. The team were tonight evaluating their options.

Tactician Vasco Vascotto was disconsolate, “We went from 13 knots to zero in one second. It is sad with our new boat that we are learning and today was a good day for us, we were having a good day and were up to third and thinking maybe about a podium at the end of the week and suddenly this happens….”

Top 4s is the goal, long term
So after three wins from four starts Quantum Racing powered by American Magic aggregated 10 points today, one point off their target, as Matt Cassidy reveals, “Today was a little bit ‘back to reality’. This is a tough fleet. In the first race we kinda struggled and did not really enact our game plan, we did not really have a good start and Platoon did a good job of pinching us off and forcing us right and the left side came in. And we could not really recover. We fought hard to claw back in this fleet.” But, he remarked, “We do not care so very much about the regatta we want to be in contention for the overall and just not have big numbers. Our goal is top 4s all the time, every race and if we can do that we will be in good shape.”

Vayu on the prowl with their secret weapon…..
Top scoring boat today was the Whitcraft family’s Team Vayu. After they scored what they hope will be their bogey yesterday  – when they mistimed their challenge for the pin end of the line and landed a ninth – they were back on song today winning the first race and taking fourth in the second to keep up the pressure on Quantum.

If their scoring here has echoes of their best ever success in Scarlino last year where they finished third, one common factor is Palma based Spanish ace Manu Weiller who is tactician this week.

Weiller grinned, “It is my second time with the Vayu team, in Scarlino we did well, and we are very happy with where we are now.  I think we are trying to stay out of trouble we have been a little bit lucky but also good. The left has been very strong and as long as they let us start on the pin, we’ll take it. I love this class and the circuit and this is the best racing of anything I have been doing. And the Whitcraft family are super nice. We are just going to try and keep it up.”

With their first victory of the regatta Tony Langley’s Gladiator are now up to third place overall but only on tie break against Takashi Okura’s Sled and Andy Soriano’s Alegre which all share the same 32pts tally.
Racing continues Saturday and Sunday.


1. QUANTUM RACING POWERED BY AMERICAN MAGIC (USA), Doug DeVos, 1+1+4+1+8+2 = 17   
2. VAYU (THA), Whitcraft family, 2+3+1+9+1+4 = 20
3. GLADIATOR (GBR), Tony Langley, 8+4+5+8+6+1 = 32      
4. ALEGRE (GBR), Andy Soriano, 5+10+3+2+9+3 = 32    
5. SLED (USA), Takashi Okura, 3+8+8+4+4+5 = 32   
6. PHOENIX (RSA), Hasso & Tina Plattner, 6+2+7+3+10+8 = 36 
7. PLATOON AVIATION (GER), Harm Müller-Spreer, 4+5+9+5+3+11 = 37    
8. INTERLODGE (USA), Austin & Gwen Fragomen, 9+9+6+6+2+7 = 39    
9. PAPREC (FRA), Jean-Luc Pethuguenin, 10+7+2+7+7+6 = 39
10. ALPHA+ (HKG), Shawn & Tina Kang, 7+6+10+10+5+9 = 47