14th of October, 2012

Zennström chairman of the 52 Class

In Valencia at the final event of the 52 Super Series, Niklas Zennström, the owner driver of Rán was voted in as chairman (president) of the 52 Class Owners Association, a post which carries a tenure of two years.

Zennström has sailed in the class for two years now with his Vrolijk designed Rán but also competes in the Mini-Maxi class, hence his experience and input as an extremely active grand prix yacht owner will be good for the TP52 Class.

It is good to have an owner ‘in charge’ again. When you are looking to develop the class it always gives a better impression if there is a respected owner and the top. The fact that the post he has taken is for two years confirms that we are looking at a long term future for the class, and hopefully that development will really start to happen in the next six months.

There is a certain amount of legal business attached to the administration of a class which has not been around for some six to seven years, representing the class and all these things are better done by stakeholder in the class.

For example we have to look at the timing of when we develop the incentive to build new boats. We now have two winter events and that does not encourage building boats, and so that is something we will look at in due course.
TP52 Class Manager Rob Weiland

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