26th of May, 2013

Waiting, watching, anticipating

When most of the 52 SUPER SERIES fleet are looking for a Super Sunday finish, a two races showdown to complete the regatta, it seems like the Barcelona weather is not going to play ball. The morning so far has seen a few spots of rain, there are dark clouds overhead and the wind around the RCNB dock is very light and fitful.

Quantum Racing and Rán Racing need races to have the best chance of overhauling Azzurra but it does look a little as if one race, rather than two, is more likely.

From the Quantum Racing camp Ed Reynolds reports that they have meteo forecasts which suggest everything from four knots of wind to 24kts, so they – like others – need to be ready for anything.

It is going to be four or 24kts. We have a couple of different weather models. We are stuck in the middle of a transition zone right over Barcelona. Whichever one dominates is what we will end up having.
Ed Reynolds, Quantum Racing

The forecast says we will have wind from the south later. But watching the cloud here I am not so confident but we will go on the water and be ready. I will try to do two races of course, but one is more probable.
Suggests Maria Torrijo, principal race officer for the 52 SUPER SERIES

With Azzurra leading by two points from Quantum Racing and Rán Racing two points behind there will still be plenty of opportunities. Quantum and Azzurra engaged a few times yesterday and if that breaks out in earnest then there can be a good opportunity for Rán to profit.

The time limit after which no sequence can start is 1430hrs CET. Initially it is a waiting game, just as it was last year when there was no racing on the final day and Quantum Racing won the Barcelona title on countback ahead of Azzurra.

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