1st of August, 2013

Typically Palma

After some slightly unusual breezes, either blowing on or as underlying influences on the race areas, today – the fourth day of racing at the 32nd Copa del Rey MAPFRE – is expected to see the return of the proper sea breeze, according to local ace Jordi Calafat, Quantum Racing’s strategist:

We should be back to the normal day, to the ESE’ly gradient breeze which helps the sea breeze wrapping around the cape on the left. So it will be the left side track but it can go so far left that you have to be careful. It is a typical day in Palma on this race course.

The start is very tricky. Sometimes you will start at the pin end and overcook the layline, normally the race committee will do a good job and make the committee boat end a little bit more favoured to even things a little bit.
Jordi Calafat, Quantum Racing

Quantum Racing go on to the Bay of Palma for today’s two windward-leeward races with a lead of three points ahead of Rán Racing. Azzurra lies third while Manouch Moshayedi’s Rio team are holding a good fourth place with a margin of 1.5 points ahead of Provezza which are also having a good regatta.

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Copa del Rey

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