26th of July, 2016

Time for Action

The second day of the Puerto Portals Sailing Week and for all the world it looks like another good sea breeze day on the Bay of Palma. It is tight at the top, tight in the middle of the fleet and in the lower order. We are approaching the half way point of the season, and so there is no let up in the pressure on the teams.

While there were good opening races for Sled and for Bronenosec in particular, Rán Racing and Alegre are two of the top teams who will be looking to scale the leaderboard today with a couple of good results. There is no doubt that the switch of tacticians on Rán – from Morgan Larson to Francesco Bruni – cannot be an easy swap and Alegre were perhaps unsettled after the first race had to be abandoned yesterday.

On shore this morning the 52 SUPER SERIES Sustainability Programme was in full swing with a beach clean up on the beach adjacent to the marina where 30 kids from the local sailing centre at Palmanova helped gather a heap of trash from the beach and then had the chance to meet the sailors and to see the TP52s up close and personal.

Watch the race LIVE, via state-of-the-art Virtual Eye technology, at: www.52SUPERSERIES.com/LIVE.

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