8th of June, 2021

The 52 SUPER SERIES Doubles Down with New Sustainability Policy for 2021

In 2015, the 52 SUPER SERIES leadership team set out on an ambitious journey to reduce the impact our regattas were having on the environment. Six years later, and we are humbled to say without hesitation that our sustainability programme is one of our greatest collective success stories, and something we are very proud of.

Download the 2021 52 SUPER SERIES Sustainability Policy by clicking HERE.

What do we mean by “Sustainability”? It’s a phrase that gets used a lot these days, but everyone’s definition is slightly different.

We view sustainability as the maintenance, development and betterment of the status quo as applied to the environment, the economy and to society as a whole.

While we are sensitive to the wider issues at play, we choose to look at sustainability through the lens of sailing, the ocean, and the nautical industry.

Our belief is that bold, exemplary actions within one’s own sphere of influence and a deeper sense of collective responsibility is what will ultimately lead to healthier communities, more prosperous economies and a thriving planet for future generations to enjoy.

This sustainability policy outlines our organisation’s vision, mission and how we plan to tackle our three focus topics, which are:

  • Operational Impact
  • Innovation
  • Legacy

Our commitment to continuous refinement of practices and procedures, combined with robust monitoring and GRI-based reporting are outlined.

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