5th of March, 2014

Race 2 summary

Race 2 started lighter than Race 1, with a shorter course, and Azzurra and Quantum found some favor in the right side early to take the early lead. But at the end of the first downwind leg some new pressure from the right prompted race managers to shift and lengthen the course, and new players Vesper and Hooligan were contenders for the lead. On the final top mark rounding it was Vesper that just snuck ahead of Quantum to take up the runner-up place behind Azzurra, a position they held to the finish but by just 2 seconds at the line.

Overall it this was an interesting start to this second US stop in the 52SuperSeries, with multiple teams showing they had to potential to take turns in the top ranks of the leaderboard. The forecast for tomorrow is similar to today, so watch for more of the same close action to continue.

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