23rd of January, 2013

Quantum Racing win Race 5 to share second overall

A reasonably comfortable win in Race 5 for Quantum Racing, with owner Doug DeVos steering gives them a share of second place overall in the 52 SUPER SERIES at Quantum Key West 2013.

But a one place gain on the final run, passing Interlodge for third place keeps Ran Racing at the top of the leaderboard by a single point.

Off the start line the duel was immediately between Azzurra and Quantum Racing which both started at the pin end of the line. Azzurra had the initial lead but Quantum Racing found an extra shift near the top of th beat and were able to lead at the mark. In the 15-19kts of shifty, gusty breeze making the best use of the puffs and shifts downwind was key and Quantum Racing were able to extend to more than 200m at one point. Azzurra fought back hard on the final run but ran out of runway for second, whilst that third keeps Niklas Zennstrom’s team in the overall.

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