14th of June, 2012

Quantum hits again

Race 2 saw a second win for Quantum Racing but the local favourites Audi Azzurra Sailing Team nearly stole it on the line.

After sliding down inside Quantum, Azzurra just did not have the accelertion and runway to hold. Quantum. Paprec, the French team lead by Stephan Neve, read the gentle sea breeze well and chased Quantum around the WW1 mark in second with Azzurra third.

The French lead through the leeward gate but a downspeed tack when they we’re up against Qantum on the approach to the second mark cost them, and they lost on the final run. A quietly consistent Gladiator take 2,3 for the day to lie third tied with Audi Azzurra Sailing Team behind Quantum.

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Audi Sardinia Cup Quantum Racing

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