4th of August, 2014

One Race at a Time.

The 33rd Copa del Rey MAPFRE starts this afternoon with the first starts programmed for 1300hrs local time. For the seven 52s racing the first day of six is about putting together good solid results from the two planes races. Winning the regatta does not necessarily require race victories on the opening day, but hitting good high averages is usually important. But history does tend to show that building an early momentum can be key here. One race at a time, one day at a time is the most common maxim among the fleet this morning. Quantum Racing won the Copa del Rey for the class last year. Strategist and pit man explains:

I think this will be a pretty good Palma week, it is hard to tell from the long range forecast so far. Today looks like it will be a good day with the breeze coming out from around 200 degrees, from the south-ish, wrapping around the top of the bay and we should have a decent race course today. There are a couple of forecasts have it increase later in the day and others have it dropping out a little bit later. It should be a nice racing day and Palma Bay is a great place to sail in the summer. It is a great venue for the Circuit and these boats.

A lot depends on where the race course is set up on the Bay. For sure there are times when it is one sided, but it is not always 100 per cent one sided and within that as well there are still a lot of gains and losses to be made playing some small shifts and how you position ourselves in the fleet. A lot of the times it does tend to be good on the left but that makes it difficult because you have to be quick enough to tack and cross the guys who started up the line a little bit. So it is pretty tricky. There is a balance to be got. It is fun. It is enjoyable.
Tom Burnham, strategist, Quantum Racing

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