28th of July, 2016

Hot, hot, hot

Back to the all windward-leeward diet today. Some may be relieved. But it is another very hot day, fierce sunshine from eight in the morning until eight at night. Hydration, hydration, hydration and trying to stay in the shade wherever possible is fundamental to all on board the 52s, from the front to back of the boat.

The grinders expend the most physical energy. Andrew Taylor, the legendary America’s Cup winning grinder of Team New Zealand, explains:

“Once you get going the sweat starts and it pretty much goes on through the day. And so you have to keep drinking. I still probably don’t drink enough, like last night after the coastal race, I was definitely feeling the effects. But I drink at least six or seven 750ml cycling bottles a day. It should be more but you don’t always have the time. It is pretty full on.”

And Matteo Agguardo, bowman from Alegre, says:

“I guess I probably have about six or seven litres of fluid a day. Especially if you are inside the boat where it is very hot, humid and unpleasant and the temperatures are easily over 40 degrees. You have to stay hydrated.”

So Quantum Racing have a four points lead. Azzurra need to just get the good starts and sail clean if they are to hold on to second. Provezza are on a strong run and are fast – going 1,3,2 – but the level is as hot as the burning sun.

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