25th of January, 2013

Azzurra have their hands on Key West title

Azzurra won what proved to be the most dramatic race yet of the 52 SUPER SERIES at Quantum Key West as both of their main rivals Ran Racing and Quantum Racing suffered their own significant problems which cost them dearly.

Quantum Rscing’s jib split three metres from the head early on the first beat which immediately relegated them to sixth, costing them several minutes as they had to retreive the halyard from up the mast.
Although Rio lead at the windward mark Azzurra were able to pass them on the first downwind. Then Ran, who started the day tied on points with Azzurra for the lesd, dropped their kite in the water as they dropped at the leeward gate. The sail finished up filled with water and had to be abandoned. The challengers then sailed around the course minutes behind in sixth.

After the final top mark Rio and Gladiator both had spinnaker problems. Rio’s split from luff to leech. That allowed Quantum Racing to get back to fifth place.
So Azzurra have one hand on the trophy for the first regatta of the season, starting Race 10 with a lead of five points ahead of Ran and Quantum Racing tied on 27pts with Interlodge on 2.

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Azzurra Quantum Key West Race Week

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