20th of July, 2012

Azzurra dominate with two wins

A triumphant return to winning form launched Audi Azzurra to their second line honours win in as many races at Copa del Rey on Friday, but it remains unclear if it will be enough to return the team to the top of the overall IRC 1 leaderboard.

Audi All4One fought back from third to second in race two, in a bid to protect their supremacy at the top of the leaderboard. Provezza finished third, just one second behind All4One, while Gladiator secured fourth over the line. Corrected time results are pending.

It was a tight start, but Azzurra pushed hard to find the lead as the wind eased to 12 knots and shifted to the west.

All4One and Paprec again headed hard to the left, before the regatta leaders tacked behind the fleet to hedge their bets on a middle track, crossing behind Azzurra.

Azzurra led around the top mark in the difficult and shifty conditions, followed by Paprec, Gladiator, All4One and Provezza.

The variable wind caused a reshuffle in the order downwind, with Azzurra maintaining the lead, but Gladiator jumping to second and All4One edging to third, followed by Paprec, Provezza and PowerPlay.

A change of course was called as the team headed on the final windward beat in nine to 12 knots wind.

Azzurra held strong to lead the final windward rounding, while All4One battled their way to second place, a position they knew they needed to ensure they remained overall leaders. Provezza rounded in third and Gladiator fourth.

With poise, Azzurra protected their lead to finish the day with back-to-back wins.

Rán won the second race of the day in the IRC 0 division to hold firm at the top of the overall leaderboard.

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Azzurra Copa del Rey

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