7th of August, 2014

A Day to Dig Deep

Day four of the 33rd Copa del Rey MAPFRE and the Barclays 52 SUPER SERIES fleet return to windward-leeward racing over on the Charlie course area, that is the arena furthest to the east, closest to the Cabo Blanco cliffs.

We are in a very high pressure regime at the moment on the Bay of Palma and so it should be a usual sea breeze situation, racing in around 200 or 220 degrees with the windspeed at between 7 and 12 or 13kts. I think that looking at the forecast today it will be quite an open course, more so than the first day. It shouldn’t be too one sided, but we just have to go there and see what we get.
Michele Ivaldi, navigator, Quantum Racing

Says Michele Ivaldi, navigator on the regatta leading Quantum Racing.

After yesterday’s sixth place the Quantum Racing team will be looking to prove that was an unfortunate blip in an otherwise strong scoreline. Rán Racing and Azzurra are locked on the same points tally after five races with Phoenix breathing down their necks at just one point behind.

Today and tomorrow are the times when this six day regatta starts to feel long, knowing there are still two more days of racing after today means this is a day to dig deep.

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33 Copa del Rey MAPFRE Quantum Racing