25th of May, 2016

2016 Scarlino Cup – Race 2 Update

Quantum Racing pair a third place in the second race of the day to their Race 1 victory to establish a clear lead at the top of the Scarlino Cup standings. A veritable logjam of four boats share the same seven points tally, Ran Racing, Alegre, Platoon and Sled. Takashi Okura’s Sled profited from a solid start on the committee boat end of the line to earn a good position leading the right side group to the windward mark. Sled and Platoon rounded 1,2 Quantum Racing in fifth. The American flagged team gained on the first run to secure third. Ran Racing pipped Alegre to fourth in the final approach to the finish.

For full results from the Scarlino Cup, go to: https://www.52superseries.com/events/2016/eu/scarlino-cup/

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