2nd of August, 2013

Xaloc day. Repeat and press play.

By all accounts the penultimate day of the 32nd Copa del Rey MAPFRE looks set to be something of a repeat of yesterday with the Xaloc sea breeze coming through which should ensure that two more races can be completed.

Rán Racing are looking to halt the runaway Quantum Racing, the team which has won four races back to back now, moving ahead of the pack with each race.

Tim Powell, Rán Racing’s project manager, confirms that their starts are where they are looking to make the very small improvements needed. But their target will be to still try and sail their own starts and not get too involved with Quantum Racing.

With most 52 SUPER SERIES regattas four or five days long, the extended duration of the 32nd Copa del Rey – Monday to Saturday – might mean that fatigue starts to set in around now, but tactician Adrian Stead says otherwise:

Actually we love it here. Consider last year that we did the Royal Cup into the Copa del Rey with a day off in between and this is all good.
Adrian Stead, Rán Racing

Meantime the duel for fourth continues with Provezza holding the lead in that head to had with Rio by just half a point.

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Copa del Rey

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