14th of June, 2012

We are going racing!

Three races is the objective to get the Audi Sardinia Cup under way and the fleets of 52’s and Soto 40’s were off the dock at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda early this morning, champing at the bit to get going.

The early wind is the remaining Mistral direction but a transition to sea breeze conditions is expected after midday, with the wind expected to rise to maybe 12 kts during the afternoon.

The Mistral will stay until around midday then the transition should last an hour or a couple of hours, you will see easterly then it should settle in the SE at 8-12kts.
This boat was designed for 11-12 knots. The boat is still competitive in these conditions and so if we don’t make mistakes then we should be in the hunt.
Everybody has raced here in every class, but this is one of may favourite places. I am Italian and I love Sardinia and I love it here.
America’s Cup winning navigator Michele Ivaldi of Gladiator

We should have wind but we just can’t be precise on the timings. The plan should be to start in the W’ly we have and then to run two when the wind has shifted. We are hoping the transition should be quite quick, but the aim is to start on time.
Maria Torrijo, principal race officer

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Audi Sardinia Cup