11th of October, 2016

Under Starter’s Orders

The fleet for the EGNOS 52 SUPER SERIES Cascais Cup have gone on the water for the first day of racing. A delay was signalled this morning because there was not much wind. The forecast is for around 10knots of breeze and most of the navigators seemed to believe there would be enough to get two decent races in today.

For Quantum Racing the job is relatively straightforward, keep on doing what they have done all season. If they maintain the same high level of consistency the title could be theirs after as few as four races of this regatta. But their objective is to win the regatta of course.

Meantime Azzurra are just 11 points ahead of Rán Racing who in turn have only five points on Provezza who finished third at the last event, the 52 World Championship. Platoon are only three points ahead of Bronenosec. So there is everything to play for and the action starts today.

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Azzurra EGNOS 52 SUPER SERIES Cascais Cup Provezza Quantum Racing Rán Racing

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