30th of July, 2013

Three bullets in a row

Rán Racing maintain their unbeaten run at the 32nd Copa del Rey Mapfre after scoring a come from behind third win.

The regatta leaders were called over the start line and could only round the top mark in ninth, some distance behind early race leaders Azzurra.

But Rán Racing found stronger wind pressure as they worked far left of the first run which allowed them to chase Azzurra through the leeward gate in second. Niklas Zennström’s team were able to lead up the second beat but the wind died for them as they approached the buoy, letting Quantum Racing through to lead.

In the final third of the run the breeze again returned from the left and Ran were able to just pip Quantum Racing to the line, Azzurra taking third and Provezza fourth.

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Copa del Rey Rán Racing

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