23rd of January, 2014

Summary Race 7

After a disappointing high scoring Wednesday Quantum Racing got their 52 SUPER SERIES regatta back on track with a hard won victory in Race 7 at Quantum Key West.

Conditions were to order, 15 to 17kts of breeze from just east of north, clear blue skies, as Quantum Racing made a solid start on the left, pin end of the start line. Interlodge and Quantum Racing benefited from their choice of that side of the track, first and second at the top turn.

Azzurra lead through the leeward gate, choosing the left hand mark looking upwind and looked to have their two regatta title rivals in check, but on the second beat Quantum Racing managed to sail over them with a small speed edge perhaps and certainly getting a small right shift which helped their cause.

Their win returns them to the top of the table, one point up on Azzurra and Ran Racing which crossed third and fourth, Interlodge finishing second.

This was the closest contest yet and the tension rises ever higher with each successive start.

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