10th of March, 2014

Sled win race 8

Takashi Okura’s team on Sled have been made to wait for their first ever US 52 Super Series win, but they closed out a clear win in Race 8 off Miami when they lead Interlodge across the finish line.

Sled had twice been denied victories from leading positions in the two previous races.
In the battle for the US Championship title Quantum Racing extended their lead to four points after finishing fourth to rivals Azzurra’s sixth.
Conditions were, again, light and fluky with holes off calmer air and big changes in wind direction.

Proving the most consistent crew across these last three races, Sled lead from the top mark after an excellent start.

In the dual between Azzurra and Quantum Racing, the Italian flagged team were ahead early on, but Quantum Racing read one shift better and were able to take control.
A second race is scheduled with Quantum Racing leading Azzurra now by four points. Interlodge are third, one point up on Sled which have posted 2 2 1 from the last three races.

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Sled US 52 Championship

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