23rd of May, 2015

Ran win Ford Vignale Valencia Sailing Week

Niklas Zennstrom’s Ran Racing team did what they had to, sticking close to nearest title challengers Alegre to protect their points cushion during the 11th, final race to win the first regatta of what promises to be a hugely exciting 52 SUPER SERIES season.

Finishing fifth with Alegre third ensured that Zennstrom’s team finish with a final margin of three points ahead of 52 SUPER SERIES debutants Alegre, owned and steered by Andy Soriano.
Azzurra finished their regattt with two wins to elevate themselves to fourth behind Takashi Okura’s Sled.
Ran Racing went in to the final race, the best seabreeze yet at 14 to 15kts, with a lead of five points over Alegre.
Quietly consistent Sled take third overall while Bronenosec took second in the last race, tied on the same final aggregate as Azzurra.

Valencia has delivered great conditions to ensure the fullest posssible complement of 11 races is sailed.

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Ford Vignale Valencia Sailing Week Rán Racing

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