6th of March, 2013

Rán Racing on a roll

Rán Racing came out swinging today, building momentum after a win in yesterday’s last race to win both today and take the lead in the series from Azzurra.

Solid starts from owner-helmsman Niklas Zennström and near-perfect tactical calls from Adrian Stead put them into early leads that they held and even extended on the trailing pack. Conditions were perfect for close racing: offshore westerlies that trended to northwesterly with a passing front producing 15-20 knots in the first race and 13-15 in the second. The series is now tightened up, with Rán, Azzurra and Quantum all within 2 points at the top of the cumulative standings.

But its early days: three more days and six races remain in the series, with more variety in weather conditions ahead.

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