19th of January, 2017

Race 9 – Provezza Lead Into The Final Day at Key West

By winning the second race today, adding to a second in the previous contest, Quantum Racing complete a strong comeback from a disappointing, high scoring Wednesday, to give them a chance to fight for the first regatta title of the season at Quantum Key West Race Week.

The overall 2016 champions are now part of a three way tie for second place along with Platoon and Azzurra, just two points behind Ergin Imre’s Provezza who scored a fifth and a third.

For full results, visit: http://bit.ly/2j0huOt
To watch the race again, visit http://bit.ly/2e6o3tR.

The Quantum Key West Race Week will take place from 16-20 January, with races starting at 11:00 every day. Track the boats via state-of-the-art Virtual Eye at www.52SUPERSERIES.com/LIVE or via the app.

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