24th of May, 2014

Race 6 Report: Azzurra lead

Azurra won the second race of the day to conplement their second place in Race 5 and so extend their overall lead in the BARCLAYS 52 SUPER SERIES at Rolex Capri Sailing Week to four clear points ahead of Vesper.

Azzurra’s afterguard read the tricky breeze on the first beat to perfection, getting the perfect balance between the left side of the course where there was less breeze and the right where the angle was less favourable. They lead around the top turn ahead of Phoenix with Vesper in third. Quantum Racing recovered from fourth to take third across the line with Ran Racing coming back from eighth to fourth to stay firmly in contention. A third race is planned but the breeze has dropped away and become unstable.

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Azzurra Rolex Capri Sailing Week

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