26th of May, 2013

Quantum Racing win in Barcelona

Victory in a dramatic final race in which their rivals, long time regatta leaders Azzurra finished seventh ensures Quantum Racing win the 52 SUPER SERIES’ first regatta of the European season, the Conde de Godo Trophy in Barcelona.

While Quantum started well and were quickly into a favourable wind pattern on the early left of the course, Azzurra struggled from the right but then compounded their problems when they fouled Interlodge as they gybe set their kite at the first offset mark. The resulting penalty with the kite already set proved time consuming and there was no recovering from seventh.

Quantum Racing won ahead of Ran Racing whose second gives the world champions second overall at the regatta.
Third place gives Gladiator fourth overall.

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Quantum Racing Trofeo Conde de Godo

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