10th of June, 2014

Quantum Racing win first coastal race

Bouncing back from their disappointing third place overall last month in Capri, Quantum Racing made a clear statement of intent when they won the 15 mils coastal race, the first contest of The Audi TP52 World Championship off Porto Cervo, Sardinia this afternoon.

The course offered few passing opportunities along its length and so the start and short first beat were critical. Ed Baird drove Quantum Racing across the line with speed on the gun and they were quickly able to build a small lead over local favourites Azzurra. With Ran Racing in third the order stayed the same on a run downwind to a mark at Tre Monte. A one legged beat to the rocky islet of Monaci was followed by a six miles procession of a reach. The only real tussle was between Provezza and Gladiator, Tony Langley’s team taking fifth behind Phoenix with Ran third and Azzurra second.

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AUDI TP52 World Championship Quantum Racing

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