13th of June, 2015

Pumped up and ready to rumble

With another day of strong breezes the teams left the dock early to maximise the number of races achieved. Start time is due to be around 1030hrs and the smart money suggests there will be just one race as the winds to rise over 25 to 30kts in the afternoon.

The Quantum Racing team lead the regatta by two points with Azzurra second and only one point ahead of Bronenosec. Terry Hutchinson, Quantum Racing’s tactician, one thought off the dock this morning:

I want to win. I want to win this regatta.
Vasco Vascotto, tactician, Azzurra

Vasco Vascotto said

First of all we are two points behind but we are also one point only ahead of Bronenosec so first of all we have to try and sail the course cleanly and be seamen first of all. I am never confident. All the crews know what to do here and how to do it, and any team can win races here. But, yes, for sure the history of Azzurra is a little better in the strong winds.
Vasco Vascotto, tactician, Azzurra

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