5th of August, 2014

Opening Up

So Quantum Racing go afloat with a lead of five points after the first two races of the Copa del Rey Mapfre but the Barclays 52 SUPER SERIES fleet move to the middle of the Bay to Charlie course area today and hat should add some variety to the two windward-leeward races which are scheduled. Yesterday the fleet were to the east, under Cabo Blanco, where the breeze is at its most left on the second half of the beat and that makes for a one sided course.

Predictions are that is should be more open and more shifty today and so that may give some opportunities for the second and placed Rán Racing and Azzurra to catch up, and others to win races.

We move into the middle of the Bay today and a few hundred metres on the Bay of Palma can make a lot of difference, it should be a little more of an open race course. Yesterday was great racing but it tended to be a bit of a one way race track and so today we should see it a bit shiftier and much, much more open. I don’t think the pattern will be clear, and a few more snakes and ladders. It will be really good I think, Palma at its best.

We had a mixed day yesterday, first and last is hardly consistent, but we feel the boat is going really well. We have had some good results here, we like Palma, it is about trying to chip away. Any time you can get into the top one or two you are doing really well.
Steve Hayles (GBR), navigator, Rán Racing

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