13th of June, 2012

Mistral dictates today’s schedule

When it comes to sitting around for a sailable breeze to arrive then there are not many nicer places to do the waiting than the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

The yacht club itself is a jewel in Porto Cervo’s crown. The yacht club building was renovated completely in 2003 by the New York architect Peter Marino. The mood and feel through the club is very much that of being aboard a luxury ship, with long, linear multilevel decks.

The pool terrace with its stunning views is perhaps not the best place to be poised like the proverbial coiled spring, ready to go racing, but the extensive shaded piazza is filled with 52 Super Series sailors from around the globe this morning, waiting for the first race of the Audi Sardinia Cup to get under way.
The Mistral which prevented yesterday’s practice race is still blowing hard and so the consensus among sailors and the race committee is that we might have a long wait ashore today:

We will wait as long as it takes today. It is not looking very good just now, though we do expect it to drop for a while in the afternoon. So if it is four o’clock or five o’clock when it happens then that is when we will go racing.
race officer Maria Torrijo

It is not looking that great for today. We can see it dropping in the afternoon, but I am not confident how much that will be. It will drop into tomorrow according to the forecast and then we will see a classical battle between sea breeze and the remnants of the Mistral, and I think then the sea breeze would win out. So maybe tomorrow a delay of one or two hours while that happens. But it is a waiting day.
navigator Nacho Postigo of PowerPlay (CAY)

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