17th of July, 2015

It’s Magic

As a key element of the 52 SUPER SERIES drive towards greater environmental responsibility and looking after the oceans the organisation team and many of the TP52 sailing teams are eliminating single use plastic bottles of water. This initiative is undertaken in collaboration with 52 SUPER SERIES partners 11th Hour Racing.
At the TP52 World Championships in Puerto Portals for the first time all of the organisation members have been issued with a Laken personalised water bottle. Supplies of drinking water are drawn each day from a water processing machine provided by Mallorcan company Magic.

They developed their first reverse osmosis unit in 1977. They say that from that day onwards their goal has been to produce high quality machines capable of treating any kind of water, from a ground well, to sea and sewage infested waters. The Magic machine is described as reliable with low operation costs, they are nice looking units which are available at a competitive price. The Magic machines produce from 220 liter/day to 10.000.000 liter/day.

The regatta has the use of MAGIC´s CS150-HL which is a prototype designed to be a fully automatic, compact and transportable unit with a 1’5 liter/min (2160 liter/day) production treating waters with a total salinity up to 6000 µS, obtaining a product water quality under 80 µS (average bottled water being 300 µS).

It has a 3 stage pre-filtration; 5 micron, KDF activate carbon and extruded coconut shell carbon filters reducing Chlorine, turbidity, suspended solids and unwanted tastes and odours. A high-flow high salt rejection reverse osmosis membrane reduces water salinity and eliminates virus and bacteria. In addition, it features a water accumulator ensuring a first  7 liter instant supply followed by a final security UV sterilizer and a Cellulous & carbon post filtration eliminating residual unwanted tastes and smells.


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