3rd of July, 2013

Gladiator seize overall lead on day two

Tony Langley’s Gladiator won a very light wind Race 3 of the Royal Cup Marina Ibiza to seize the overall regatta lead.

After a three hours wait for a breeze to build, the contest started in just 6kts of wind from the SE, Langley’s team picked the strongest breeze and were especially quick at the top of the first windward leg, able to round the top mark with a good lead over Provezza with Ran rounding third.
After a slow run the race officer chose to shorten the course at the top mark second time up. Ran found themselves stuck in a hole in the middle of the course and dropped to a sixth, while Rio worked the early right well to steal second from Provezza. The win for Gladiator gives Langley’s crew a three points lead over Quantum Racing which finished fourth.

Racing tomorrow Wednesday will be on windward leeward courses, rather than the coastal race originally sceduled.

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Gladiator Royal Cup

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