9th of May, 2022

Gladiator looking to be on the front line in 2022

For Tony Langley’s Gladiator team ten good days of training with the group of boats in Valencia in April proved valuable, not least in laying down the important ground work in their partnership with the Quantum Racing stable which Langley and the crew hope will reap better results in 2022.
The return to Quantum sails is in some ways a bid to return to some of the key constituents of their best season yet on the 52 SUPER SERIES in 2017 when they were fifth in Scarlino, fifth in Porto Cervo and finished second in Menorca losing the win only on countback behind Azzurra.
The move gives them access to the Quantum coaching and performance analysis package which includes daily briefing and debriefing sessions alongside Quantum Racing. Olympic gold medallist Paul Goodison sails again this year as tactician, new navigator Ian Moore has won the circuit and the world title as navigator with Quantum Racing. Andy Estcourt who is a designer with Quantum joins the crew as do Simon ‘Stir Fry’ Fry, Joey Newton and Nick Hutton.

“It felt really good in Valencia.”

Recalls project manager Tom Wilson.

 “The thing is that over the last couple of years, with one thing or another not least Covid, we have not really been on the money. We maybe lost the way a little in terms of keeping developing and so working with Quantum again should give us a fast track to speeding us up a bit.”

He explains.

When in previous years they have tackled many other events at home in England and in the USA Langley and the team will also focus almost solely on the 52 SUPER SERIES this season.

“Some of that is due to calendar clashes, we maybe do Copa del Rey and race in Newport if the opportunity comes up, but as a team, doing well on the 52 SUPER SERIES is our main goal.”

Wilson enthuses.

“Sharing data with Quantum is something we benefited from a lot in 2017. It is so very useful and the key thing is there is no hiding place. You have a bad day you can sit down and look at the numbers and see where you were slow. And being an engineer and a businessman Tony loves numbers, he lives by them every day and values them in his sailing and just wants to keep getting better.”

Being able to hold their own in the top group is one of the goals, seeking a higher level of consistency. Like others they might find mistakes costly but their desire to win is as keen as it ever has been.

“We go out there every day with the mindset we are out there to win races. The target is to win. But it is bloody tough fleet, you are out there racing against the best in the world.”

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