3rd of August, 2013

Eyes on the prize, but which prize?

Last day nerves should not come into it. With a lead of five and a half points Quantum Racing hold a clear advantage going into the final two races of the 32nd Copa del Rey MAPFRE. Rán Racing, in second, know they have the capacity to overturn the Quantum Racing margin but they need opportunities to come their way.

But the truth is that all of the top teams are always focused on the long term game, the 52 SUPER SERIES, and so when that is the main perspective, pushing strategies to try and win a regatta along the way can backfire and affect the long term goal. So even in the hot sunshine on Palma Bay with all the pzazz of the Copa del Rey, considering it is the Mediterranean’s most prestigious annual sailing prize, the eyes will still be looking at the horizon – to the 52 SUPER SERIES trophy.

We will still be trying to do our own thing as much as possible. Quantum Racing are sailing very well at the moment, but we can’t really think about the Copa del Rey. We are all always looking to the overall season and you cant afford to take risks to try and win a regatta, especially when you are against a team like Quantum Racing.Says Jon Gunderson, trimmer on Rán Racing

The sea breeze is expected to be a little lighter than yesterday.

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