Rolex TP52 World Championship Puerto Portals 2019

Event Results & Overall Ranking
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Bronenosec Gazprom583663174XX43
Quantum Racing178449725XX47
Phoenix 123377551156XX52
Phoenix 1182991184102XX63
ProvezzaDNF 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 1237313XX65
Team Vision Future761010106101110XX80

Venue location

Puerto Portals

Chic, fashionable, friendly, and self-contained, Puerto Portals is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious nautical and leisure marina complexes on the island of Mallorca. It has long since become a big favourite with the 52 SUPER SERIES fleets pretty much since the class started racing in the Mediterranean. It is nicely positioned on the Bay of Palma with ready access out on to the race areas but the compact site allows the fleet to be docked close to the visitors walkway yet the main hub is pleasingly private and exclusive. The marina is situated just 10 kilometres west from the Balearic capital. It has become recognised around the world as a reference for quality of its facilities and its range of shops, restaurants, and leisure options. Puerto Portals is the venue for numerous international events in the nautical world. And it offers a variety of social activity and events of all types which are the hallmarks of this renowned location.

Puerto Portals
Edificio de Capitanía
07181 Portals Nous
Islas Baleares

+34 971 17 11 00
+34 971 17 11 17

Race Schedule

Day 1 – WL Races

August 25th, 2019: 12:35 - 15:50 (CEST)

Day 2 – WL Races

August 26th, 2019: 12:35 - 16:10 (CEST)

Day 3 – WL Races

August 27th, 2019: 12:40 - 14:00 (CEST)

Day 4 – WL Races

August 28th, 2019: 12:35 - 17:30 (CEST)

Day 5 – WL Races

August 29th, 2019: 12:35 - 16:05 (CEST)