FRA 5211



Yacht Club:

Ecole de Voile Oceane – Saint Philbert


Jean-Luc Petithuguenin


Owner, Jean Luc Petithuguenin is passionate about his sailing as is his crew. He has seen his team develop from the final days of the Admiral’s Cup through offshore and international successes with a variety of classes and yachts, mostly with crew which was amateur at its core. Increasingly the Paprec team have upped their game, bringing more professional sailors on board.

Since 2016 they have shown how they want to bring young French sailors into the grand prix yacht racing world, recruiting from the Olympic classes. But at heart they still share the same ethos, aiming to keep getting better and to keep enjoying their racing together. It is not unusual to see the Paprec team stay out to enjoy a little more sailing for fun!

The Breton team have been together since the latter days of the Admiral’s Cup, and won the Commodore’s Cup in 2006. They were especially successful offshore before coming to the TP52 and the 52 SUPER SERIES.

In 2015 they took on the former Rán Racing and for 2018 they upgraded again and now have the 2015 Rán Racing.

Their objective as a group is simply that, to always sail to the best of their abilities and provide the occasional upset to the bigger teams, and every day their infectious enthusiasm spreads around the dock at each regatta.

Their race win in Key West in 2017 was a high point of the season, a fun moment not just for the team but for everyone who shared their celebration!

This is another team which embraces the chance to bring on young French talent, giving them the option to race at the highest grand prix level. Paprec now have the most recent built boat in the fleet, the 2019 launched Botin designed BP326 which they raced for the first time at the end of the 2022 season in Barcelona. They had the boat home in France through the winter and raced in Brittany in Spring winning Spi Ouest.