13th of September, 2013

EPIC win for Catherine Zennström’s Rán Racing

Niklas and Catherine Zennström’s Rán Racing won the first race of today in moderate breezes off Porto Cervo.

After making a strong start off the middle right of the line tactician Adrian Stead guided Rán Racing up the right of the track gaining from the additional wind pressure fanning down on to the course area from bomb alley to windward. They narrowly crossed ahead of Ergin Imre’s Provezza which rounded second but faded through the race.

The battle for the overall regatta lead swung back and forth between Azzurra and Quantum Racing. The home favourites had the early advantage and rounded ahead at the top mark with Paprec between them and Quantum Racing. But the American team came back on the second beat and looked set for second. But Azzurra stuck to the right down the last run and were able to pass Quantum Racing to steal second and open up one more point on their lead. Breezes are much lighter 10-14kts and predicted to drop in the afternoo to eight or nine knots.

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