2nd of July, 2013

E’ly breeze carries Quantum Racing to victory

Quantum Racing, winners of last month’s Conde de Godo trophy made the best possible start to the Royal Trophy Marina Ibiza when they lead Race 1 from the windward mark to the finish line.

They made a clean, fast start mid line in the 8-9kts of E’ly breeze and were clear ahead of the three boat sandwich which was giving chase, Interlodge, Rio and Gladiator. Rio faltered after their first gybe when they ripped their kite from luff to leech, dropping back to eighth. Chris Larson made some góod calls on the second beat to take Gladiator past Interlodge. Austin Fragomen’s team lost third to Ran Racing on the final approach to the finish line.

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Quantum Racing Royal Cup

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