5th of August, 2014

Day 2, Race 4 Recap

Although Azzurra added to the trend by becoming the fourth boat to win a race at the 33rd Copa del Rey MAPFRE when they crossed the finish line of Race 4 to score victory ahead of Quantum Racing it is the American flagged team which extended their overall lead by virtue of two second places today.

Azzurra won Race 4 after making a near perfect time on distance start at the pin end of the start line, untroubled by any other boats. In contrast the signal boat end of the line was busy with Ed Baird and the Quantum Racing team doing a nice job of protecting their desired spot at the boat. But it was the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda team which lead at the first turn ahead of Quantum and Gladiator.

Ran Racing made a nice recovery to third but their day, again, was too inconsistent to be damaging the advances of Quantum Racing who will lead into Wednesday’s coastal race by six points ahead of Azzurra while Gladiator’s 1,5 for the day get them to third overall ahead of Ran by one point.

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33 Copa del Rey MAPFRE Azzurra

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