24th of January, 2013

Champagne sailing

Warm temperatures, perfect breezes, sunny skies and clear azure waters today drew out all the photographers and spectators to see what makes Quantum Key West such an iconic attraction for mid-winter sailing. The other draw of course is the competition, which today did not disappoint for Day Races 7 and 8 of the 52 SUPER SERIES.

In the first race of the day the real action was not at the front of the fleet after Azzurra took and even extended on their early lead from the start, but among the remaining positions on the podium, which after quite a dust-up at the corners of the 4-lap course remained in line with the current standings.

But a similar early lead taken by Interlodge in the second race could not be held in the lightening conditions, allowing the pack to close in from behind and Quantum Racing to wrest that lead away on the final beat of the 5-leg course.

Rán Racing and Azzurra were also match racing for who would take the third position, earned in the end by Rán Racing. So, the series remains tied up after 8 races with two to go tomorrow, along with another day of perfect wind forecast.

Can Azzurra hold their tie- lead against Rán, or will Quantum Racing or even Interlodge break through to the top in the final two races of the event? Join us tomorrow and see.

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Quantum Key West Race Week