16th of September, 2015

Cascais Cup, On the Line

The Cascais Cup, the final event of the 52 SUPER SERIES 2015 gets under way today. The stormiest conditions blew through during the night but there are some big leftover seas and the winds are still 13-15kts straight out from the marina. Conditions today are likely to be the breeziest we’ll see before the weekend.

Azzurra need a tight, simple day. Objective: top three or four in each race, stay out of trouble. Don’t break anything. Second overall for the season, Quantum Racing need to get into the straps early and start as they finished in Palma, putting a steady stream of good scores on the board, looking to win their second regatta in a row. And the battle for third overall is open, Sled are incumbent but Alegre, Platoon and Bronenosec are poised and pushing…..

We would like to be sitting closer to Azzurra on points but that is just not the case, so we just have to go out and try and sail well and see how things pan out at the end of the week. Our objective is to go sailing and do the best we can and not think too much about the outcomes, it is always the same – to be in the hunt on the last days and to try and be on the podium for the season. You go out today with the aim of being top three of four each race and live on into tomorrow.
Cascais has been a little tricky during the training days and the next few days look like they will be tricky too. There are some amazing sea states. It is a beautiful spot. Today looks like 15-16kts from a more W’ly direction.
Tom Burnham (USA), pit/strategy Quantum Racing (USA)

Today we expect the passage of two short, quick fronts and we see what happens in between.
The rivalry for third is intense. That is our race, our regatta to try and get back into third. We expect to be close with them and it to be a close battle.
Francesco Mongelli (ITA), navigator Bronenosec (RUS)

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