10th of September, 2013

Breezy opening in Porto Cervo

The final regatta of the 52 SUPER SERIES starts today with a strong Mistral still blowing through Porto Cervo. The plan of the race committee is to race windward leeward courses, as many as possible.

Tommy Burnham of Quantum Racing is responsible for weather for the team which leads the 52 SUPER SERIES:

Today it is a Mistral day but not typical Mistral because usually it is clear and sunny but here it is cloudy. The breeze today will be 20kts but still with the threat of some 25-27kts and some showers as well. When these showers come through it will drop and shift so some of our weather forecasts have the chance of some periods of 12kts. It will be mostly a windy day, 20kts plus, but there is a 10-20% chance of some light showers passing through to the south then that will make for some shifts so overall a real heads out of the boat and see what is happening kind of day.
Tommy Burnham, Quantum Racing

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