6th of July, 2013

Big Day for the Gladiators

The finale of the Royal Cup Marina Ibiza should see two races contested in predominantly light breezes, six to eight knots at the most. The breeze may be best around midday and then fading, as it is has during preceding days, after three.

It’s a big day for Tony Langley’s team on Gladiator. Not since the 52 World Championships in 2011 in Sardinia have they had such a chance at winning a 52 regatta. But they have a four points deficit to overturn against the Quantum Racing, the winners of last month’s Barcelona Conde de Godo regatta.

Azzurra are not far off the leaders though as well, only five points shy of Quantum Racing’s leading aggregate.

Both the two top teams are pledging to go out and keep doing the same things as have worked for them so far.

We will just be sticking to what we have been doing, trying to go fast and hope Chris points us in the right direction.
Smiles Tom Wilson, project manager of Gladiator.

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Gladiator Royal Cup