26th of May, 2016

Back to the Grindstone

The fleet docked out from the Marina di Scarlino in a light but building breeze. The mood this morning was so much lighter than yesterday. Day 1’s nerves and heightened expectations are behind us and it is back to the daily business that the teams know so well. 

Quantum Racing delivered on Day 1 and lead by three points. For sure, today, that raft of four boats on seven points will break up. And some 11 points behind the leaders, Azzurra already have something of a mountain to climb – but their spirits were high this morning.

“We made some little mistakes yesterday and so we have to sail better today. These little things make all the difference in this fleet so we need to do what we do best and I am sure it will be better.”
said tactician Vasco Vascotto this morning.

Provezza’s navigator Nacho Postigo, who raced here in 2005 with Vascotto on the inaugural championship winning Pisco Sour, explains a little of why this bay at Scarlino is such a good venue: 

“At the moment we are dominated by high pressure, which is good to have clear skies, but it is not so good because it gives stability and makes the cycle of the sea breeze a little bit harder – the weather is more mixed. 
This is a very protected bay with flat lands around but with some mountains, so even if inland a little there is not so much sea breeze, in this bay there is sea breeze because different areas of the horseshoe get hot and with the relatively cold waters you get the sea breeze.”

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