4th of August, 2015

Azzurra win R1

World champions Azzurra won a complicated first race of the 34th COPA del REY MAPFRE, staying ahead of the pack from the first mark rounding.

Azzurra won the prime spot on the pin end of the line and were able to hook into the first key shift and build a good early lead.
The battle for second was close with Platoon holding off Alegre and Quantum Racing on the first upwind, but Harm Muller Spreer’s team had to take a penalty at the leeward gate approach and dropped to sixth. Alegre earned second with a good first run, breaking to the left to find some extra wind pressure. Quantum Racing, with Dalton DeVos steering scored a useful third not far behind Alegre.

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34 Copa del Rey Mapfre Azzurra