5th of March, 2013

Azzurra takes the early lead

In today’s light 6-8 knot conditions, Azzurra has come out strong to take the early series lead with a win in Race 1 and a runner-up in Race 2 to be five points clear of the current series runner-up Quantum Racing.

Gladiator showed early promise, with excellent starts in both races and a runner-up finish in Race 1, but was not able to recover after a missed shift in Race 2. Rán and Rio both struggled in Race 1, but came back decisively in Race 2 for Rán to take the win and Rio to keep the pressure on Azzurra and take third.

Interlodge never quite found their form today, struggling off the starts, but may show their promise they had in Key West in the remaining days of the week.

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52 World Championship Azzurra

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