17th of August, 2022

Alberto Roemmers Sr Passes

The 52 SUPER SERIES family is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Alberto WH Roemmers peacefully last weekend at home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was 96 and world renowned for his competitive sailing programmes, not least the TP52s Matador and Azzurra.

Guillermo Parada, long time Azzurra and Matador TP52 skipper writes,

“Alberto was a true leader by example, he changed the history of sailing for our country and gifted the opportunity to so many people to share his passion for sailing and specially for competing.
From the four Matadors to the two Alexias, Lola and four Azzurras, his unstinting commitment and his determination were always the same, to give it all. He knew exactly how to create a group and support it to make it a winning team, and that’s what we always tried to do.

He was a true gentleman who gained the respect from all over the World, his legacy  will last forever…

……Off to discover more and new Oceans, we wish you fair winds”

Our thoughts are with his former crew, his friends and family, his wife Hebe and sons Alberto Jr, Pablo and Alejandro and his nine grandchildren.

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