6th of August, 2015

A German Invasion!

Platoon engineered a perfect score in perfect conditions on Palma Bay today at the 34th Copa del Rey MAPFRE, winning twice, to overhaul the Italian flagged Azzurra at the top of the table to lead on countback.

Platoon score 6 3 3 1 1 to Azzurra’s 1 1 5 3 4 and so the Germans are credited with the overall lead.
Paprec held off Azzurra by only two metres to keep the Italian team in fourth.
Platoon’s pin end starts worked twice, although Paprec were slightly better in the second race. But Platoon lead at every mark today with a very polished package and keep the pressure on the world champions. Breezes today were typical of the best of Palma, stronger than previous days up to 19 or 20kts at times producing muscular, choppy upwinds and some pleasingly quick downwinds.

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34 Copa del Rey Mapfre Platoon

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